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Rental management

Rental management is the management of your tenants and rents dedicated to owners and co-owners wishing to be completely discharged in all their obligations with third parties and not incur any expenses without their agreement.

Below are the services provided by our real estate agency:

✓ Search, selection and installation of tenants
✓ Drafting of lease contracts
✓ Drafting of entry and exit inventories of fixtures
✓ Constitution of files
✓ Establishment and maintenance of rental files
✓ Maintenance of tenant accounts
✓ Rent reviews
✓ Renewal, termination or assignment of leases
✓ Monitoring of monthly rental payments
✓ Payment of rent to landlord less benefits due by the 25th of each month
✓ Reminder of past due rent
✓ Receipt and monitoring of tenant claims and grievances
✓ Telephone presence
✓ Litigation follow-up with former tenants
✓ Travel
✓ Communication with insurance companies in the event of a claim